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Wis-Matic Model HFU-212 Hydraulic Feed Unit
Standard Features
Optional Equipment
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S T A N D A R D  F E A T U R E S Back to top
  • 5 HP Motor – 1800 RPM, TEFC, 230/460 volt, 3 phase
  • Directional control valves separate control of forward, rapid and return travel. Plug-in electrical connectors with indicator lights
  • Self-contained filtered lube system
  • Position Detection – solid-state sealed DC switches with quick-change multi-pin connectors and indicator lights
  • Oil level sight gauge on both sides
  • Multiple spindle head drive, 1-1/16” and 1-3/8” diameter spindles
  • Quick change quill and piston
  • Pre-machined pads to accept optional guide bars and brackets
  • Aesthetically advanced one-piece enclosure is quieter, safer, easier to clean and easily removed
  • Feed rate control valve is lockable and load and temperature compensated
  • Full 12” adjustable stroke flexibility
  • Belts, sheaves and guards included
  • Easily accommodates tool change position
  • 80 DBA or less quiet operation
  • Standard hydraulic operating pressure, 150 to 1000 PSI
  • Advanced hydraulic system
  • This product is available in Autocad or DXF format. Consult factory for additional information.

O P T I O N A L   E Q U I P M E N T   Back to top
  • Peck feed
  • Convertible spindle nose
  • Dual feed controls
  • Jump feed control
  • Forward and back feed controls
  • Back feed
  • Reverse feed controls
  • Timing belts and sheaves (low RPM)
  • Air-cylinder counterbalance
  • Dirty filter detection
  • Broken tool detection
  • Dull tool detection
  • Tool change position


A D I T I O N A L   F A C T O R Y   I N S T A L L E D   O P T I O N S   Back to top
  • Ceramic seal diameter
  • Variable speed drive
  • Left hand rotation
  • Trabon lube block
  • Guide bars and brackets
  •  Adjustable tool adapters


W A R R A N T Y Back to top
  • Each unit is two hour cycle tested after assembly to meet our stringent requirements and is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Two Year Parts Warranty.


HFU-212  S H O R T  F O R M  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S    Back to top
Rated Drilling Capacity Steel (SAE 1020) 1.125 inches
Rated Drilling Capacity Cast Iron 1.375 inches
Thrust at 860 PSI 2,700 lbs.
Horsepower: Motor 5 HP
Horsepower: Pump 0.63 HP required
Torque 800-in.-lbs.
Stroke 12 inches
Spindle Speed 330 to 3000 RPM
Feed Rate (adjustable) 2 to 120 IPM
Rapid Traverse 120 to 800 IPM
Depth Control (Positive Stop) Full 12" adjustment  
Spindle Concentricity 0.0005" T.I.F.
Depth Repeatability +/-0.0005"


D I M E N S I O N   D R A W I N G    Back to top

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