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It’s Not What’s New at Wisconsin Machine Tool ...
It’s What’s Old at Your Facility


We’ve “Broken the Rules” AGAIN at Wisconsin Machine Tool. One of the Industry’s best-kept secrets is out…Your old drill and tap heads can be rebuilt and…

Wisconsin Machine Tool
Re-Builds Heads.
Are you experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Holes drilled or bored out of tolerance
  • Leaks
  • Noise
  • Head running hot
  • Spindle end play
  • Gear backlash
  • Coolant in your head

We have the answers at Wisconsin Machine Tool – We’re Problem Solvers. Just call us and let us know what problems you are experiencing. We will advise you on what fix may be required and, if your head needs to be sent in, we can schedule you immediately. Can’t take your head out of production? We can rebuild your head during scheduled downtimes!

We will:

  • Dis-assemble
  • Inspect all parts
  • Evaluate and recommend replacements
  • Rebuild using OEM parts
  • Test run
  • Inspect 
  • Paint

Here’s another “Rule Breaker”… We repair our competitor’s drill heads and spindle assemblies. All we need is an assembly drawing and/or bill of material.
Why wait for your head to break down? Preventative maintenance allows you to keep your head in prime condition at your convenience. Let us service your head before it tells you we should.
Wisconsin Machine Tool has been in the drill head business for over 50 years and would like to rebuild or update your drill heads in the near future.

Contact Pete Wormley at (262) 317-3065


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