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Precision with Flexibility and Simplicity

A small engine manufacturer approached Wisconsin Machine Tool (WMT) about replacing their existing piston boring machines which were originally built by the Simplex Boring Division of Wisconsin Drill Head Company (the former name of WMT). The existing machines have served them well, but were now in need of rebuilding or replacement. The decision was made to replace.

The new machines had to be capable of finish boring the wrist pin bores to a minimum of 1.33 Cpk capability for size and geometry at a pre-determined production rate. In addition, the machine had to accept the existing fixture design, be flexible and simplistic in operation.

The machine built for the customer met the required criteria and had the following features:

  • Hardened and ground flat and vee ways provided for the accurate tracking required for precision boring. The ways were laser aligned to minimize pitch, roll and yaw.
  • The table was hand scraped to the ways with the only clearance being the thin film of oil from the automatic lubricating system. 
  • A precision ground ball screw coupled to a servo motor actuated the feed table. Ball screw actuation provided constant feed rates while minimizing thermal buildup which can cause inaccuracies.
  • The two (2) precision boring heads have air purge to reduce heat and to keep coolant and other contaminants out of the spindle bearings.
  • Rotating coolant couplings provide for coolant through the spindles. This coolant can be directed to the cutting edge to keep chips away from the finish bored surface.
  • The boring spindles and drives are dynamically balanced to minimize vibration.
  • The closed loop controller along with an operator interface provides for easy changes to feed rates and positions within the programmed cycle profile.
  • The customer chose to return to WMT for his replacement equipment because of the longevity and performance of this existing machines.


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